Nearby lights

I live in a suburb. That means I have neighbours close by, and sometimes that in turn means I have….distractions.

On one side I have a neighbour a couple of houses over whose pool is in use late in the evening.

while on the other side – again a couple of houses over – I have a neighbour who feels rather insecure, and leaves a night light on most of the night.

To the east my neighbours tend to be quiet at night,

but the damage is done — my night vision suffers whenever I look north or south.

West? My house looms over me, blocking off much of the western sky.

July 2012: The lighting situation is not much worse, but my vision is. Apparently as a side effect of Fuchs’ Dystrophy my night vision in the most affected (right) eye has deteriorated to the point of blindness. Adaptation of the left eye is slow, but takes place over time, but the right eye is not particularly responsive and I am unable to see stars much beyond second magnitude, at least in the city. It remains to be seen whether I will get much further away from city lights.

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