Local Links and more

Local (Toronto) astronomy stores

Efstonscience – Dufferin near Yorkdale

Khan Scope Centre – Dufferin near Yorkdale

Kendrick Astro Instruments – Dundas, just west of Keele

Perceptor – Hwy 27 just south of Hwy 9, near Schomberg

Astronomy Organisations (with Ontario presence and working sites)

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada national organisation with many locations

RASC Toronto Centre

RASC Mississauga Centre

Durham Region Astronomical Association

Hamilton Amateur Astronomers

North Bay Astronomy Club

North York Astronomical Association

Peterborough Astronomical Association

York University Astronomy Club

…and more can be found at Astronomy Clubs in Canada

Links checked 12 July 2007

Other sites of interest

Cloudy Nights – reviews, observing techniques, etc

Imaginova – producer of Starry Night, Space news, Orion ‘scopes

Sky Publishing – publisher of Sky & Telescope, one of North America’s major astronomy magazines

Astronomy – S&T rival magazine

SkyNews – a Canadian astronomy magazine

Weather Monitoring

Ponte di Legno Observatory

Severe Weather Information discussion DEAD LINK as of 12 July 2007

Environment Canada’s Weatheradio discussion

WXSCAN Ontario discussion

Weather Underground

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