Imaging Mars

These are my 2005 Mars images:

Equipment is Televue 5x Powermate, William Optics FLT-110 (110 mm, f/6.5) and either a Toucam Pro II or Canon 20D.

In general images are rotated to bring south to (more or less) the top. Images are always manipulated by stacking, level adjustments, sharpening, and in some instances, noise reduction processing.

The depressing thing about this final part of the 2005 season is that the weather has been uncooperative on most weekends. On one weekend where the weather did cooperate, I was called in to work. Sigh….

2 October, 0135 EDT (0535 UT) Toucam Pro II

Mars October 2

24 September, 04.23 EDT (0823 UT) CML=307 Sky brightness 17.07 mag/sq.arcsec – Toucam Pro II best 300? out of 400

Mars double size for 24 Sept 2005

or in the original capture size

Mars original size for 24 Sept 2005

Compare with 19 September. I don’t know if the improvement is better technique, seeing (which I didn’t think was good either time) or luck (I’m having trouble getting fine control when focusing – I keep losing the image on the chip, and have to reposition each time. I need fine control knobs, or perhaps electric focusing).

21 September, 01.15-01.23 EDT (0515 UT) CML=290 Sky brightness 17.12 mag./sq.arcsec – Toucam Pro II best 20? out of 30

Mars original size for 21 Sept 2005

19 September, 0120 EDT (0520 UT) CML=309

Mars original size for 19 Sept 2005

Reworked later…

Small reworked version of 20050919 image

I’m not at all happy with the focus on this image, but I wasn’t certain if the problem was lack of resolution on the scope or an actual focus error. I now think it to be a focus error – see the 24 September image for almost the same CML value, but much better resolution.

No imaging in August – looking for hardware and software

July 28 – Imaging with Canon 20D

Mars, evening of July 28/29Single frame of Mars, evening of July 28/29

This was my first attempt at imaging Mars, and I wasn’t too unhappy with it – for a first attempt, using a DSLR rather than a webcam. It inspired me to look for a suitable (inexpensive) webcam and sofware for my laptop. I eventually purchased a Toucam Pro II with a 1.25″ tube replacing the lens, and I’m still evaluating software in September.

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