Vacation on Mars

This is the first day of a short vacation, and I spent part of the night observing Mars. The sky was clear, but there was heavy dew towards dawn, and my finder — without a dew heater — fogged up badly. Still, a very enjoyable night. Looking at the results of combining images taken through the FLT-110 and a 5x Powermate with the 20D it is clear to me that for planetary work I need to locate a decent webcam. This is the net image (a stack of four) after discarding all the blurs and shimmies, together with the best single image out of 42 captured:

Mars, evening of July 28/29Single frame of Mars, evening of July 28/29

I’m not unhappy with it…but I want more (not so much aperture fever as focal length disease).

I also tried the Lumicon Deep Sky Filter, and while I was gratified by the extent to which it cut through the sky fog, I couldn’t make a decent evaluation of the Canon + filter combination – I ran out of space on my CF card. Gotta buy more!