Med Man – September 21-22 – to Venezia

We flew from Toronto to Frankfurt starting on a Sunday afternoon, waited a few hours in that airport, and then continued on to Venice. From the beginning, there were problems – I was carrying my camera over my shoulder and managed to smack it into some obstacle or another, ending up breaking the lens shade in two. In Frankfurt, after waiting several hours, Lufthansa informed us the flight was overbooked, and asked for volunteers who would wait a further five hours (for an adequate compensation) for the next flight [we declined the invitation]. The hop over the Alps was beautiful to watch, but bumpy enough that cameras were secured during the flight. Perhaps next time….

Finally, in the Venice airport we wandered around for a half hour or so before finally winding up on public transport to our hotel in Mestre. Apparently there was a shuttle bus which would have taken us directly there, but we didn’t find it because the specific information machine which could have told us was out of service.

Once in Mestre and booked in at our hotel we lit out fer the Territories – Venezia – by train – “il treno” – to see what we could see before boarding ship the next day. We weren’t disappointed.


The Grand Canal immediately on exiting the station, looking—I think!—west

Without crossing the bridge over the Grand Canal, we headed into a side street and searched for a restaurant – after hours in Frankfurt we were hungry – and found ourselves a decent place.

 Food came with a serenade… 
It was all very pleasant, but eventually we gathered ourselves up and strolled back to the station — but Venezia had other ideas! 

Torrential downpour #1!


The umbrella provided little protection, but — hey, Venice, after all…


A few hardy souls braved the downpour, but we instead took shelter in a conveniently placed Gelateria, adding a few more calories to our day before ultimately heading back through the soggy streets to the station and the train to Mestre.