5 thoughts on “Mac Astro Software

  1. While Software Bisque is introducing SkyX, Cartes du Ciel is available free for those with Intel Macs! Unfortunately, I don’t have the Intel Macs. But I’m looking for Unix help to install CdC and run in X11 on Tiger.

  2. The author told me it’s got some “issues” and missing some features of the pc version. Can’t comment ‘cos I can’t use it though.


  3. By the way, anyone know how to install Unix software like CDC into X11? Souce code, binaries, what??


  4. You need to have the Developer code installed, then you download the source and follow the instructions for a Unix box using gcc for the compile. If you don’t have the Developer folder on your system, check with the Apple site – it’s free. If you don’t know how to compile from source, you’ll need to check out a box on Unix – I don’t do training anymore (except for big bucks!)

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