Earthquakes and floods

It wasn’t all that close – Toronto and Ottawa are separated by a couple of hundred miles – but yesterday’s earthquake was noticeable down here in not-so-sunny Woodbridge. It’s not quite true to say we’ve had no sun, but we have also had a couple of deluges in the last day or so.

I’m not sure if the combination of these two events is a contributing factor, but when I went out to the observatory today I found that the bubble level on the mount was no longer showing a cleanly centered bubble. Instead, the bubble is off to one side, so it looks like the mount has shifted quite a bit. It looks like the next time I go out I should set aside a half hour or so to confirm and reset the alignment.

Oh well. At least the wrath of a vengeful god didn’t make the earth gape open and swallow the observatory whole. That won’t happen until 2012….

Lincoln Castle

While I’m on the subject of castles (previous post) this is a view of Lincoln Castle. The walk up to the castle was by way of a stiff climb along a street named appropriately – Steep Hill.

Good exercise – for those who like to walk, and are in good shape!

A brooding castle

One reason I haven’t posted much recently (aside from the continuing WordPress saga) is that I spent three weeks visiting relatives in England during the month of May. I took “lotsa pictures” and, hopefully, one of them will be attached to this post, resized as needed, and online with the article.

This is Hermitage Castle, a small castle in the border region between England and Scotland. It passed a couple of times between the English and the Scots, and while the inside lies in ruins, the castle still has a brooding presence – particularly when the clouds roll in as they did on this day, with a chill rain spattering down from time to time.

This image was sent from my iPad, so the process does work, but I am not sure if the changes which I had to make to the site are safe. I will be watching to see if any glitches show up as a result of the modifications – but eventually I will post more images of the trip (i’m not sure, but that may pass for a threatening remark – don’t say you weren’t warned!).

Another day, another app to try

OK, I lied.

While it’s certainly another day, it’s only another version of an app which failed previously – namely, the WordPress app. The last time I tried this out, it failed about as many times as it succeeded, and I eventually gave up on it. However, I didn’t delete it from the iPad, and yesterday the App Store let me know that there was an update available.

So far though, I have to say, not so good. In trying to post this item, I lost the edit about halfway through the setting up of the headers – specifically, when I tried to set the category, the entry screen reset to blanks, and I had to start over. I’ll forgive that, at least for now, but it doesn’t bode well for the continuing saga…