Manual update

It’s rather unfortunate, but since the iPad version of the WordPress app fails, I’ve had to update this post manually. There are some very strange quirks in the update process, related no doubt to the auto-completion which I have enabled. However, while this article reports the same troubles with WordPress as I have experienced, it also reports trouble with updates using Safari on the iPad — which I am not seeing at all. Strange -about the only weirdness I see with Safari is that in text entry for this blog I am unable to position the cursor at the first point on a line, and have to set it at the second character and then backspace to get to the position I really want. I find that to be only a minor irritant, but YMMMV.

WordPress updater FAIL

I have been updating the blog through the WordPress app on my iPad, but for some reason I am no longer able to connect through that app. I did manage to update my other blog location with it, so it’s not a total fail, but it’s a mystery to me why it works on one but not the other. Not a big deal, since I can still update using the web interface, but it’s still irritating (and as my wife will testify, lots of other things are irritating to me).