A book every two days?

I had promised to do better. Looking over my stack of books I see I managed to bring it down by a mere five books in ten days (and I added six!). I must be getting old…or maybe it’s just too cold to read! Yeah, that’s it. It’s too cold to read. And there’s ice on my glasses!

Looming in the darkness

It’s been too cold to observe, and for the past few days I’ve been catching up on my reading. Normally I buy a book and read it the same day, but recently I’ve been plagued by sleep, dozing off at the most inopportune moments, and I’ve fallen behind. From my desk I can see at least ten books which I haven’t read yet, in genres from urban fantasy to historical adventure to science fiction. This is bad. I resolve To Do Better.

I did knock off one book today, a passable urban fantasy cum mystery by first time author Mark Del Franco: Unshapely Things. My first response is that it held my interest, and I look forward to seeing the second book in the series.

As usual, I’m in two minds about a book which starts a series. The longer length will give the author the opportunity to explore his characters a little and also run a more involved story arc. There’s a danger of getting into a rut and writing the same story with variations over and over again, but at least that can pay the bills if the character is popular. I would think, though, that after a time writing would become a chore. Then again, what do I know? I write openings for stories and don’t finish them, or (rarely) finish them without trying to publish.

Anyway, the paperbacks are piling up, but I will plough through them.