Living in a Rod Steward lyric

Interesting couple of weeks round here at Chaos Hovel North. My daughter Katherine is heading out after finding herself a job programming computer games in California, so it’s been hectic running around arranging for transport, completing PRK work to fix her eyes, and just generally getting ready for a move across the continent. Meanwhile my daughter Caroline has won a design competition, with the prize being a new ProBook with some software (an educational copy of Adobe’s CS2 software–which we already have for her other system). At this point her computers are higher technologically than my own – not a normal circumstance to date, but perhaps the shape of things to come.

While they got some nice breaks, I got some nice things broken. Specifically, while I was sitting at a red light someone drove into the back of my car. Damage was minimal – basically the hit was ultra-low speed, and only the bumper received a scratch. I suspect the poor guy behind me took his foot off the brake and his car rolled forward — otherwise I can’t see how so little damage could result. But… the car is only a little over three months old, and this is the first ding, which is very traumatic. I suppose the shine is off the apple, though, and there’ll be further incidents which won’t hurt so much.