Ho hum, I’m busy!

Looking back over the past two or three weeks, it’s been somewhat hectic, and yet, paradoxically, rather dull.

Astronomically speaking, I’ve been able to do nothing but “Cloudy Night” activities — it’s been too dam’ cold to observe on the few nights it’s been anywhere close to clear (come to that, it hasn’t been particularly clear in all that time either). I’ve also spent a little time cleaning up the code I use for the weather station, hopefully reducing the number of errors I generate when I report data to the The Weather Underground, and I’ve made a start at replacing the Open2300 code with new code of my own which will replace it. It hasn’t been exciting, as such, but it’s been a pleasant way of passing time.

The hectic and the dull are combined in my work, though. It’s tax season, so it’s been a very busy time — that’s the hectic — with very little beyond the expected problems of scheduling and execution to strike a memorable note — that’s the dull. About the only unexpected thing has been the discovery that my laptop has serious problems with its hard drive. Even that’s not really news, though, since there have been signs of this for weeks, or even months, ever since the RAM stick I was using turned out to be faulty. I think that the directory blocks were seriously damaged at that time, and my latest attempt to repair them failed today. There appears to be nothing left but to recover what I can and then reformat the drive. If even that fails, warranty service is all that’s left. And that kind of … excitement … I could do without.

And Spring is months away!