More Ring shots….

I tried to image the Ring Nebula again on Friday night, and managed to completely screw up the alignment. I noticed a bit of motion in the test image and figured I was slightly out of alignment still, so I tweaked the east-west settings. That made things worse, so I tried again – all without looking in the eyepiece, just using the image as captured. I had forgotten about periodic error, so the initial glitch may have been a movement due to that, and from there everything went downhill.

Even so, I was able to capture the Ring and stack the images, and with a lot of help from Photoshop’s Smart Sharpen filter I managed to recover the central star of the nebula. Alas, IC1296 was much more difficult to capture, and I see no trace of it in this rather over-enhanced image:

Over-enhanced Ring

I’ll get back to the Ring — and IC1296 — when I have recovered the alignment, and perhaps after I pick up some sort of filter to combat sky fog and light pollution. Fixing the orange overlay on my images seems to result in incorrect colours.

In the meantime, I also captured another series of M3 images (12 x 60s):

M3 with auto curves