Ouch! Down for the count….

I installed iDVD3 on the system tonight, and at the end of it….

I installed iDVD3 on the system tonight, and at the end of it you have to restart the system. I haven’t done that in months, and I’m always nervouse when I do because I never seem to shut down the mail system properly, and it locks up incoming mail. However, a second restart often solves that problem, or failing that I can go in and fix permissions on the lock file (which is one of the ways the lock file tracks what is going on).

No sooner contemplated than done, and yep! the mail server was queuing up the incoming mail. Restart, check, and everything is wonderful again. (phew!) But it’s time to do some maintenance on the mailing list, so fire up Safari and bop over to the list admin site….er, let’s try that again…fire up Safari and,,,hmm. No home page. OK, maybe the DNS settings are munged, check out Google…hmm, Google is fine. So are all the other external sites. OK, restart apache…and watch the log tell me the child processes have fatal errors. Ugh! wottinell does that mean?

As it turned out, after considerable digging, it meant the Apache configuration file was hosed. And according to the file change dates, it was hosed back in January, but since there was no restart, the system didn’t notice until tonight when it tried to bring up Apache with no config. Thank God for backups!

If some other action back in January killed the file, I can’t trace it, and if some little weasel – no, I’m insulting weasels – void-brain is responsible, congratulations — I can’t spot you on my logs, so you got away with it – now go play in traffic or do someihing else constructive. Why not see if you can do a DoS on the Nigerian scammers, or something? They don’t actually have websites, but be creative!