No noose is good noose, right?

Little Man Bush is still pushing his war – or maybe it’s Big Oil’s war, or Daddy’s war….

Little Man Bush is still pushing his war – or maybe it’s Big Oil’s war, or Daddy’s war, I’m not really sure. He and his gang seem to have taken the notion that “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” entirely too much to heart. While Blix says that Sodom Hussein is stalling, he still hasn’t found any sign that Sod’em and his ungodly crew still have “weapons of mass destruction” after being bombed back to the Stone Age in Daddy’s original war. Those are bad guys, folks, but the other side ain’t no angels neither.

And while Georgie is itching to fight So-damn, who claims to no longer have a weapons project and hasn’t been proven a liar, he’s not ready to take on North Korea, whose Great Leader is – and admits it – actively pursuing nuclear weapons and could have deliverable bombs in a matter of months. Bush War, go after the most dangerous guy first! Here’s a hint – Kim isn’t just the name of a book by Kipling.

Worrying about the dear little goldfish?

Fear not! The greedy little buggers are now ensconced in their private indoor pool for the winter (good thing too, since the thermometer outside my window currently shows a distinctly cool temperature of -19 Celsius). Their pool boy (that would be me) shows up every day to feed the little gobblers. They woof down a lot of goldfish flakes – but luckily they’re still a cheap date once the initial costs are written off. I just bought them another couple of months food supply for about $5, so they won’t be starving quite yet.

On the other hand a chunk of cash is always welcome, so if you want to keep the wolf from their door, send me some money – that’s M-O-N-E-Y – by mail. Write to me directly saying how many thousands you want to send, and I will personally dispatch one of my thugs – er, one of my assistants to shake you dow– er to help you with the onerous task of sending me money – that’s right, M-O-N-E-Y. Just remember to make the cheques payable to CASH….

Holding the fort

Wow! It’s been months since I added to the blog, mainly because (as noted earlier) Maintaining is a Pain!

What I’m now considering is a change to the system to allow posting by mail. That’s a thought which is only beginning to speculate about the bare possibility of raising it’s ugly little head, so I wouldn’t hold your breath for it. The idea would be to write a python or perl script to monitor a mailbox and post the contents of any mail to the blog. Once the script had posted the contents, the mail would be redirected to another location so I could check it later for errors. Alternately I could do the same thing in Applescript, so the question is probably one of which script language to use rather that whether it would be easy to do. Hmmm. Stay tuned.