Maintaining is a Pain!

It’s been quite a while since I added anything to this log.

It’s not that I have nothing to say – though I’m not as verbose as most of the bloggers I’ve read. But let’s face it, if most of us live lives of quiet desperation, there’s damn little point in sending distress messages – for that’s what they are – back and forth. It’s only when there’s something interesting or outrageous that I really want to post to this log, and outrage is something of a drag on today’s market. Outrage is too easy – all you really need is a newspaper, and the top stories will fire you up right away. The most I can do is wave my outrage back at yours – and if the colour of my outrage matches yours you’ll feel vindicated, or if it contrasts with yours you’ll feel even more outraged. I’ll pour gasoline on flames, but not quite yet.

What’s my problem, then? My life is too boring to share? Perhaps – probably! – but that doesn’t stop a large number of bloggers from putting up dull and repetitive verbiage. Logorrhea is rampant, and I’m no more immune to it than anyone else (in proof of which, let me say how delighted I am that my computer can spell ‘logorrhea’ – I forgot to double the ‘r’). The difficulty is that adding material to the current blog simply requires too much effort!

I have to be at my desk to add this stuff, and I have to remember too many steps to put the new text in place. In order to do maintenance more often, I have to make it more painless, and that will mean I have to do some (ugh!) preparatory work. It’s a vicious circle, and at the moment there’s no way out. So I’m going off to contemplate my fish.

My fish, incidentally, are reduced to a single paradise fish and a couple of comet goldfish. i had managed to put the surviving paradise fish back into my barrel, but they were intent on suicide, so ultimately only one survived the summer. Even the comets attempted to fly (they have no talent for that), so I had to put a net over the water surface to prevent them from gasping out their tiny little lives on the concrete floor of my patio. They seem resigned to their fates now, and spend their time hanging under the roots of the water lettuce and water hyacinth I dropped into the pool a couple of weeks after I set up the barrels. It’s a life.

I almost forgot, though, that I deferred my dose of moral outrage for the day. I am outraged that Dubbya is hoodwinking the American people into discarding the freedom their ancestors won for them. I am outraged that he is drumming up a war in order to bury the immoralities of his own government. At least half the things he’s trying to work us up about were done a decade and more ago, during his father’s watch, and with his father’s tacit approval. Meanwhile, the economy sputters and the oil prices climb, and Bush’s buddies quietly sock away the money they siphoned off from the companies they worked for. As a (hideously minor) shareholder in some of those companies, I’d like to see the blackguards tossed into jail instead of being feted as titans of industry (industry? they were accounting swindlers – no industry was involved!).

There! I feel so much better now.