Notes on setting up

Skip this if you aren’t interested in setting up a weblog

I’m using BBEdit to create entries to the log, and one thing I keep forgetting is to set the individual entries to have Unix line endings. Without that, blosxom has difficulty figuring out the title for each entry.

The other difficulty is that at the moment the entries are in plain text, and any formatting I want to do has to be done manually using HTML tags. I may try creating an entry using AppleWorks or MS Word, then saving in HTML format to see if that helps. Otherwise it’s a bit of a pain in the fundamental process.

The other thing is a problem which will eventually go away – this whole setup is minimally styled. I can fix that by setting up a style sheet for the entries, and I’ll get around to that Real Soon Now.

In the meantime this is Sunday of a long weekend – July 1 is Canada Day – so I’m going to head out and enjoy the good weather. I will try not to update this log for a while (the problem being that it’s a new toy, and I want to play with it!).

Somewhat more alert!

I started this weblog around 7 am this morning after a night spent in front of the screen. Not necessarily awake in front of the screen, but still there.

Actually, I had dozed off around midnight and then snapped awake a few minutes before three, when Caroline stuck her head ’round the door to say “Goodnight!” I figured I would do one last Google search and then lurch off to bed.

The search was for blog software on Mac OS X, and it led me to blosxom . Well, one thing led to another, and suddenly it was 6.30, and way past my bedtime! I very hastily posted a single entry – after fiddling with Unix line endings – and shambled off to bed.

By 11 am I was awake enough to join Daniella in a cup of coffee and my morning meds, and after the usual couple of hours resolving all the world’s problems (i.e., playing the game of “if I were king…”) I sneaked back into my office to add another entry to the log – and here it is!

For those keeping score, Friday night was a concert night. The Chamber Choir of the Sacred Music Society sang at the Royal Ontario Museum in a one-and-a-half hour program punctuated by a half hour intermission. It was well-received, netting a standing ovation from the two or three hundred in attendance. I sometimes think the ovations we get are a cheat, since we often finish up with the Hallelujah Chorus (which mandates the audience standing, if they know anything), but on Friday we finished with the Vivaldi Gloria and got a rave response.

There are more concerts to come as we lead into the Pope’s visit to Toronto for World Youth Day, so it’s going to be a busy time.

There was some additional excitement around the house last night. We were heading to my parent’s place for a Saturday meal, and we had a number of things to carry over in the car. Daniella opened the trunk of the car with a little too much enthusiasm, and it bounced back and hit her in the face. Three stitches and two and a half hours later we were finally able to sit down at the table. From now on, I get to open the trunk!